An Awkward First Date Shot Through Google Glass



We as humans are terrible at expressing our desires. You never quite know what’s going on in someone’s head. We’re not so different from Google Glass in that way. It’s tough to tell what’s someone’s doing in that little prism screen. This short film combines the awkwardness of dating with the overly-intimate nature of Google’s face computer.

But it also proves that despite the frequent jeers of Glass for being creepy, its ability to put you inside a film’s protagonist could open new realms for art. Check out the video’s premier, embedded below on TechCrunch:

Warning: Spoilers Below

Seriously, Don’t Ruin It For Yourself

So the guy wasn’t actually wearing Glass on this first “date”. Co-director and star Boonsri Dickenson tells me “I was going to go home but he still wanted to hang…

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